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Harp Column Academy

Harp lessons from master teachers, wherever you are.

From the publishers of Harp Column magazine now comes Harp Column Academy, where you can learn harp technique and repertoire from the masters.

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Meet The Faculty

Lynne Aspnes
Lynne AspnesClassical Harp Specialist
With a reputation for her commitment to the highest musical standards, Lynne Aspnes has dedicated her career to teaching students both young and old.
Sarah Bullen
Sarah BullenOrchestral Harp Specialist
Principal Harp with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and author of “Principal Harp,” Sarah Bullen will tell you everything you need to know about orchestral excerpts and more.
Maeve Gilchrist
Maeve GilchristLever Harp Specialist
Celtic and improvisational expert Maeve Gilchrist is also a visiting artist at the Berklee College of Music.
Jaymee Haefner
Jaymee HaefnerClassical Harp Specialist
Professor of Harp at the vibrant University of North Texas School of Music, Jaymee Haefner’s energetic teaching style is infectious.
Judy Loman
Judy LomanClassical Harp Specialist
Judy Loman shares her wealth of knowledge as long-time instructor at the Curtis Institute of Music, where she studied with Carlos Salzedo.
Isabelle Perrin
Isabelle PerrinClassical Harp Specialist
In demand around the world for her artistry as both a teacher and performer, Isabelle Perrin’s passion for the harp is evident in her teaching.
Felice Pomeranz
Felice PomeranzJazz Harp Specialist
Leader of the Felice Pomeranz Jazz Quartet and harp professor at Berklee College of Music, Felice will show you how to get started playing jazz and improvising.

Kim Robertson
Kim RobertsonLever Harp Specialist
A household name in Celtic harp, Kim Robertson travels the world performing and teaching with her trademark fun and easy-going style.
Sunita Staneslow
Sunita StaneslowLever Harp Specialist
An expert at performing and writing for lever harp, Sunita Staneslow will inspire you to achieve!

Coming Soon

Look for these and other new studios opening in fall 2017

Grainne Hambley
Grainne HambleyCeltic Harp Specialist
Authority on traditional Celtic techniques straight from County Mayo Ireland!
Park Stickney
Park StickneyJazz Harp Specialist
An expert in jazz and improvisation, Park will inspire you to go beyond the basics.
Bridget Kibbey
Bridget KibbeyClassical Harp Specialist
Bridget will motivate you with harp technique basics and more in her trademark direct and easy going style.
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